Day 94 Horseshoe Meadow to Wallace Creek

Morning trail

Today the horses and I started our packing portion of our journey through the Sierras, spending one night on the trail and coming out over Kersarge Pass.  According to the maps today we would stay wellabove 9000 feet passing the Mt Whitney trail junction, surely today we would get some views of the tallest mountain in the lower 48 as well as the other legendary peaks of the Sierras.  Mt Whitney managed to stay hidden despite its close proximity and views of distant peaks were possible through gaps in the trees.  Despite climbing Cottonwood, 11000’, and Siberian, 11500’, passes we never really got above the tree line and in fact I was taken aback by how large the trees are at these elevations.

Horseshoe meadows from cottonwood pass
Licence plate trail markers?

What we got was cold and windy.  I was better prepared this time with Gore-Tex boots, cold weather gloves and extra sweatshirts.  We found a nice campsite along Wallace Creek with a meadow for the horse to graze in and shelter in the trees from the wind.  The horses in the meadow didn’t seem to faze the resident deer in the least as they grazed alongside BG and Mercedes as the sun went down.

maybe the strangest gate I’ve seen on this trip, out in the middle of the wilderness, protecting what from what?
the only thing to tie to while i closed the gate

The creek at the junction to Mt. Whitney, lots of little trout.
Our nights camp


Trail data: mileposts; 0745-0770, miles ridden; 24.1, trail time; 7:47, average speed; 3.1, minimum elevation; 9558, maximum elevation; 11512, total ascent; 4834, total descent; 4505

Total miles: PCT; 2244, Ridden; 2357

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