Day 87 Rainy Pass to Harts Pass

Morning trail

I am a little disappointed that this part of the trail, which is so magnificent, was obscured by smoke.  On the other hand I am thankful that the trail has not been closed and I was able to continue on my course.  Everything east of the PCT is closed, I couldn’t see any flames but I know with that much smoke there are firefighters somewhere at risk.

Sunrise over Mt Hardy
I know the view must be good because the trail is scary.
if it were clear I woulld be able to see mountain after mountain…

Big milestone this day, we passed the 2600 mile marker.  Summer is coming to a quick ending.  Berries that were plumb and juicy yesterday are dry and leathery today.  Suddenly, with no warning, the vine maples and tamaracks have turned gold.

this marker isn’t quite the equal to the one at 100 miles, but it means more to me.
The bridge over the Methow River, which Janis tells me the locals pronounce Met – how.
One advantage to taking both horses is they get a decent mid day feed
my poor frankenstein horse
and vine maples all turning gold

the skinny trails just go on and on

I met with Janis at Harts Pass; she left the trailer in town and came to camp with me in the evening, bringing everything I would need to pack for the last leg to Canada.

Trail data: mileposts; 2589-2619, miles ridden; 31, trail time; 10:10, average speed; 3.0, minimum elevation; 4277, maximum elevation; 6977, total ascent; 6369, total descent; 4828

Total miles: PCT; 2107, Ridden; 2196

One thought on “Day 87 Rainy Pass to Harts Pass”

  1. I am sure the Ranger was trying to be official; but in reality he was very tired from the forest fires and dealing with PCT people trying to make their goal. I can only add my respect for those fire fighters dealing with the unknown day after day.

    What a wife to join you for a camp night and bring supplies. I know you have said many times over how great Janis has been in seeing that you get a chance to met your bucket list goal. Thank you Janis.
    Love to both of you and your faithful horses, Carolyn

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