Day 86 Stehekin to Rainy Pass

Morning trail, er, road, Stehekin Valley Rd

Another smoky day in paradise.  I stopped at the Ranger Station to take a few pictures, use the toilet and poke around a little.  I saw a water tank and pump set up on a ledge behind the cabin, tank was full, have to pack water from the river – humph.

Barn and corral at HIgh Bridge Ranger Station
They fill this bus up, standing room only, at $8 a trip one way, 11 miles, to Stehekin. To get a permit to camp within the park one has to go to Stehekin to get it, $16 round trip or walk the 22 miles. The bus does stop at the bakery, coming and going though.
The rangers accommodations.
Old log trough in the corral

Bridge Creek campground, five miles from High Bridge, was an interesting spot.  An official campsite, limited permits available, must have been five or more acres with several buildings and a semi permanent packer station, running water and several vault toilets.  It is on the Stehekin Valley Rd, and looks to me to be able to hold a hundred hikers without anyone getting crowded.  It is hard to say how many hikers per day come through here; I doubt it is more than 25 though.  Maybe there are more hikers at times than what I see now.

morning trail
Sunrise over Coon Lake

One of the buildings at Bridge Creek Campground

The rest of the ride was pretty much through the smoke, not much to see.  I did come across a broken bridge where three Forest Service employees were just getting started building a replacement, all with hand tools.  I would have like to stay and help, moving the support logs into place with hand lines and rigging would be something to see.

Hikers get a foot bridge, the water must be high some times of the year.
the broken bridge, it’s about six feet wide to give you an idea of the scale.
These are the three Forest Service employees who are going to replace the bridge. They didn’t seem the least bit fazed at the scope of their project. 

Trail data: milepost; 2569-2589, miles ridden; 20.6, trail time; 6:46, average speed; 3.0, minimum elevation; 1519, maximum elevation; 4864, total ascent; 5195, total descent; 1852

Total miles: PCT; 2077, Ridden; 2165

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  1. Hi Janis and Gary,
    Thanks again for sharing your journey. It’s is incredible.

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