Day 70 23 Road crossing to Midway Guard Shack


Today was a beautiful day in the Mt Adams Wilderness.  While we were in the trees most of the day they were either burnt, short or dead and there were lots of meadows so we were in the sun and had lots of views.  It seems funny that after the last two months of high heat when any little shade was welcome that now a short week later I spend most of the day in multiple sweatshirts and an insulated vest looking forward to riding in the sun.

morning trail

Mt St Helens and Strawberry Ridge
Mt Adams cloud cap
morning trail

After the initial climb from the 23 road to the Round the Mountain trail the trail stayed up high on the mountain flank.  The trail is about three miles from the peak as it skirts the mountain’s top crossing numerous creeks and rivers that have their beginning in Adam’s glaciers.  I had my share of vistas today.  I got my first good look at both Mt Rainier and the Goat Rocks today as well as Mt Hood and Jefferson in my rear view mirror.  I am enjoying being in totally familiar country which will continue into the next few days.  No need to check a map to verify I am on the right trail or how far I have to go.

afternoon trail
fresh huckleberries
a longer higher steel bridge, no rails…
Killen Creek Falls

Goat Rocks

Trip data: mileposts; 2227-2251, miles ridden; 23.6, trail time; 6:45, average speed; 3.5, minimum elevation; 4031, maximum elevation; 6121, total ascent; 3632, total descent; 3215

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