Day 68 Whistle Punk Trailhead to Bonneville Trailhead

A Whistle Punk was, in the day of steam donkey logging, the young man, often times not much more than a boy, whose job it was to blow the whistle signaling to the other loggers what the steam donkey was going to do, when it was clear to work, when a log was being pulled to the landing, etc.  It was important work as all the loggers depended upon the Whistle Punk for their safety.  The kiosk at the trailhead promised views of “huge and priceless artifacts” for those who ventured out on the interpretive walk.  Janis and I ventured, but were sorely disappointed as the only artifacts to be found were the two at the trailhead, neither of which was huge or priceless.  It was a nice walk never the less.

BG was pretty sure this stump was either Yeti or a bear, a big bear.
morning trail

This is a long ride, with a lot of elevation change that came in big bites.  The elevation graph looks like twin peaks with a big drop, 3500 feet down to the Columbia, at the end.  The footing on that big drop was rocky making slow going, unlike the rest of the day that was really nice.  The trail remained mostly in the trees though we would occasionally pop out for a quick view of the surrounding landscape.  The biggest clearing was a clear cut through some active logging.  Fortunately I was late enough in the day I missed the loggers and avoided a three mile logging road detour.  I did hear the equipment and log trucks running earlier, sometimes they seemed very close but I never did see any.

my first concrete with asphalt tread bridge
noon trail

some kind of ancient crib?
big ol’ cables across the trail that held the logs of the sled together
Mt Adams
Columbia River Gorge
afternoon trail

Mt Hood
Your basic clear cut.

Trail data: mileposts; 2146-2175, miles ridden 30.1, trail time; 10:29, average speed; 2.9, minimum elevation; 136, maximum elevation; 3473, total ascent; 6273, total descent; 7183

Total miles: PCT; 1683, Ridden; 1734

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