Day 64 Timothy Lake to Barlow Pass

morning trail

BG drew the short day which was a winner all around for her, good trail, not too many climbs and no steep down hills.  It was however another day in dense forest, pleasant given the heat but not much for the generation of Kodak moments.  Smoke from forest fires is restricting visibility, Mt Hood, ten miles distant from where I took the picture is barely visible.

On this whole trip I have only heard one negative comment about horse use on the trail. The banjo guy from Salem blames horse use for the dust in the Three Sisters. And now I am seeing these signs with the horse scratched out. Somebody spent some time on it, these signs do not deface easily. Oregonians…
A tiny little corner of Timothy Lake.
Boardwalk near the Clackamas River.
The bridge over the Clackamas River, the inlet to Timothy Lake.
Mt Hood floating above the hills.
A yetiometer.
late morning trail

Fires, fires everywhere, fires behind us and fires ahead.  The Indian Creek fire between us and Cascade Locks seems to be growing.  So far the PCT is still open, but we will keep a close eye on the incident reports.

noon trail
afternoon trail

Trip data: mileposts; 2071-2089, miles ridden; 18.1, trail time; 4:39, average speed; 4, minimum elevation; 3262, maximum elevation; 4558, total ascent; 2444, total descent; 1589

Total PCT miles; 1577

3 thoughts on “Day 64 Timothy Lake to Barlow Pass”

  1. I think you mis-titled this one and meant Joe Graham to Barlow pass. Hope you make it through the fires! Mother nature just won’t make anything easy about riding the PCT….

  2. My bad, I read Triangle lake instead of Timothy lake. This is what happens when you ride trails and read blogs at the same time

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